Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seed Organizer

I've decided to organize my seeds for spring planting.  Hard to believe that spring is a few months away since we just got a foot of snow here on the weekend!  

I used to keep my seeds altogether in a cardboard box.  I'd take the box out to the garden and it would get damp or wet sitting in the grass or on the ground. The seed packages would end up scattered all over the inside of the box because it was too big to hold the seeds.

This spring, I will be trying out my new solution...

I've used old Huggies wipes containers to hold the seeds upright.  This should also work better because the containers are plastic so they can easily sit on the ground or grass without having to worry about them getting wet or damp.  

I've split the seeds into two containers.  The first container has the garden seeds, sorted alphabetically.  The second container has garden seeds (approximately the last quarter of alphabet) and flowers and herbs.

I sorted the seed categories alphabetically and used small bits of card stock to separate the categories (eg, carrots, corn, peas...).  I labelled the card stock categories with my labeller to easily locate the categories.  Now instead of hunting to find my seed package, I will be able to find the one I need quickly!

How do you organize or store your seeds?


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