Friday, March 23, 2012

Medicine Cabinet

Recently, I gave our medicine cabinet in our main bathroom a little facelift.  The current colors in the main bathroom are green and white.


Before the transformation, it was very plain and the back of the cabinet was a little scratched up.



I decided to change it up a little by adding scrapbook paper to the back of the cabinet.  I ended up using three of the same patterned scrapbook paper sheets across the cabinet to add color all the way across.  I held the paper to the cabinet using glue dots.  I made sure that I could hide the ends and seems of the paper behind the shelves.  

I'm hoping to update our bathroom in the next year so the color scheme will be changing.  If I was needing a longer solution, I thought about laminating the paper or trying wallpaper instead.  But since this is a temporary solution, hopefully the scrapbook paper holds up.  I'm worried the scrapbook paper may not hold up from the humidity in the bathroom.  I've had the paper up for about 2 weeks now and everything seems to be staying in place!

Another thing that needed a spruce up was the Q-Tip container.  Before, I just put our Q-Tips in a clear plastic container. 

I decided to add a scrap of the medicine cabinet scrapbook paper inside the container to make it a little prettier.


Much better!  The cabinet now has some personality.  Since I only attached the paper with glue dots, it will be very easy to change in the future if the paper gets ruined or I change the bathroom color scheme.


Do you have items in your house you have spruced up with scrapbook paper?


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