Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hiding my Garbage!

I hate looking at garbage!  I was tired of looking at the garbage can in my kitchen.  My garbage can was located at the end of the cupboard in the kitchen (bottom left in picture below).  It was the most convenient place for it, and really the only place for it in our kitchen.


In the pic above, the brown garbage can closed off the hallway connecting the kitchen to our front entrance.  Plus, I hated seeing the garbage bag sticking out the top.  We needed a new solution!

I emptied the cupboard in between the dishwasher and the fridge in preparation of installing the new garbage can.  My husband did the install, but it was super easy, with just a few screws.

I found this pull out garbage can at Bed, Bath & Beyond made by SimpleHuman.  It has a huge bucket that fits more than my previous one because it is square.  The bags I bought from Costco for my old garbage can fit this one nicely!  Which is great because I still had a full box of bags to use up.

I also like the fact that the garbage is now right near the sink and dishwasher.  I can now easily scrape off plates in the garbage and they go straight in the dishwasher.  No need to take a few steps across the kitchen anymore.


What I love the most is the garbage is hidden.  I don't have to look at it any longer!!!  What are your garbage solutions?

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  1. I found a perfect place to locate this pull out trash can. And the result seems very well. Maybe the only concern you will have is this model has no lid to seal smell.


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