Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning Blinds

Today, I started cleaning the blinds in my house, something I've been putting off for too long.  I had been procrastinating because I did not how to start and this task seems to take forever.  In our house, most of the rooms have white aluminum horizontal blinds.  I confess I've only thoroughly cleaned the blinds a couple of times since putting them up almost 5 years ago.  Other than that, they get a quick vacuum or spot clean with a rag.

I cleaned the horizontal blinds in the past by putting them in the bath tub and scrubbing each individual blind.  Hard on the back!  Then I would have to dry each individual blind with a towel to avoid water spots.  Since we have well water, it leaves water spots on everything.  As a result, daily I use vinegar to clean the kitchen sink and it works great at removing the spots.

My adventure started in the dirtiest blind space.... my kitchen.  Horizontal blinds are over the sink and vertical plastic blinds are in the dining room.  

Cleaning Blinds

In the kitchen, the blinds get dusty and greasy.  I needed a new blind cleaning solution.  I turned to my old pal Vinegar.  I was hoping the vinegar would cut the grease but it needed a little help.  I put in a little Dawn dish detergent in my vinegar pail (no water added).  With a rag soaked in the Dawn and vinegar, I got to work and washed each individual blind as they hung.  It took a little time and elbow grease, but in the end it was much faster than the bathtub method.  And best of all, I didn't have to dry each individual blind to avoid water spots since no water was used.

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds

With the kitchen and dining room blinds now cleaned, my next step is to clean the blinds in the rest of the house.  The rest of the blinds should go faster as they are just dusty and not greasy.  Do you have any blind cleaning tricks or tips?  I'd love to hear them!

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  1. When I use to have blinds, I would soak them in the bath tub for about an hour or so in a mild cleaner, then rinse, & hang them to dry in the shower. To keep them clean, I just feather dusted every week or so. It only takes a few minutes to dust all of them.

    1. Thanks for sharing how you clean your blinds. Great tips!

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