Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Quick Porch Update… Part 2 Quick Porch Update

In case you missed it, here is A Quick Porch Update… Part 1.  And now, here is the conclusion of our Quick Porch Update!…

The bookcase in the corner is a new addition to the room.  Originally, the bookcase was in the living room behind our TV.  I needed a place to keep some of my houseplants, but I didn’t want the plants located where they could get knocked over or attacked by the kids.  So up on the bookshelf the plants made their home.  If needed, the bottom shelves of the bookcase will hold baskets of more winter accessories such as scarves and mitts and such. Kid's Coats in Porch

On the other wall, the boys hang their coats.  They each get 3 hooks at a level they can reach, so they can hang up their own clothes. 3M Coat Hooks in Porch

I chose 3M hooks so I could reposition the hooks easily as the kids grow.  The hooks attach to the wall with the 3M adhesive sticker.  When you need to remove the hooks from the wall, they remove easily and with no damage to the wall.  I use them all over my house!  I also used a 3M hook to hang my boy’s backpack on the wall. Coat and Boot Storage in Porch

This quick little update to the entrance area makes the space more functional and gives us more space.  One of the biggest improvements… No more water bottles sitting in the corner!  To find out where my water bottles ended up, click here! Bookcase and Dresser in Porch

In addition to the IKEA Storage unit, the boys also use the 2 lower shelves of the dresser for storage.  Each boy gets a drawer to keep their mitts, toques and hats.  The dresser works really well and both my little boys can get out their own items.

Make sure to check out "A Quick Porch Update... Part 1"!





  1. Looks like you're prepared for winter with the hooks and baskets. We have a small entrance, but fortunately a good-sized closet to hold everything. I dream of having a mudroom some day!

    1. Thanks Shauna! Yes, one thing I love is the large entrance, so much easier when company is over, or to dress the kids to play outside. But, I do wish we had a closet to reduce the clutter.

      Hope you are staying warm in this weather!


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