Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Growing Lavender

As I have decided to forgo planting a garden, I planted a few container pots instead.  On the deck, I wanted to try planting lavender.  I’ve never planted lavender before.  Just an FYI, I found my lavender plants in the perennial section of the greenhouse.  I was going to buy smaller lavender because it would have been cheaper but I asked a worker and the larger plants took 3 years to get to that size.  I decided to opt for the larger plants even though they were more expensive ($35 each) because I was only planting 2 pots on the deck.

I planted the lavender at the beginning of June.

Lavender in Pot right after planting www.simpleispretty.com

Lavender close up in the beginning www.simpleispretty.com

I planted Hidcote Blue Lavender.  As it is a perennial, I’m hoping the plants will survive the winter. 

Lavender Plant Hidcote Blue www.simpleispretty.com

Lavender info www.simpleispretty.com

The lady working at the greenhouse told me that lavender is hard to keep over winter because our winters can be harsh.  I might try bringing them into our covered deck area for the winter.  Since they were $35 each it would be great if they could last more than one season!

They are just starting to flower now.  They don’t have a fragrance yet that I’ve noticed.

Lavender Plant with Buds beginning of July www.simpleispretty.com

Lavender starting to flower www.simpleispretty.com

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Update:  Check out how my lavender turned out for the year...click here.


  1. I planted lavender in our front flower bed around 8 years ago. Since then, it has spread into several plants that have the most divine smell. People always comments as they walk up to our house. I can't remember what variety it is, but it survives our harsh winter (and I've passed it on to several friends who have had good luck with it too). Yours probably won't survive in a pot, but you could transplant it perhaps.

    1. Thanks Shauna, I can't wait till we can smell it. So calming. Thanks for the transplanting advice :)


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