Thursday, July 11, 2013

No Garden

So this year I decided to not plant a garden.  And I don’t miss it!  All the weeding and caring for the garden was a lot to handle.  Especially, when we would pick up and take off and leave the garden plants to fend for themselves for a week at a time.  I would come home and the whole garden would be over run with weeds!  It is a very defeating and frustrating feeling.  I’m sure anyone who has a garden can relate.  Here is my garden from last year at the old house…

Garden 2012
Garden 2012

When we purchased our new house we just recently moved into, the previous owners didn’t have a garden.  And there was no really good place to put a garden so it would get the sun exposure it needed.  It was kinda strange because I found this to be a huge relief.  I wasn’t going to have a garden and I was more than OK with that.

I thought about not having a garden some more and I realized I don’t really like gardening, and I was left wondering why I had a garden in the first place.  I think I felt pressure.  No one was saying “plant a garden”. But while I was growing up my mom had a garden and I just always thought that one day I would have a garden.  My husband’s family also had a garden growing up.  In a weird way, I didn’t want to let anyone down.  I know how silly this is to say but it is how I felt.  I know that no one will really care if I have a garden or not.  But I am a perfectionist and a people pleaser and this has really warped my thinking!

So this year, I decided to plant 2 tomato plants for the kids in planters, 1 small planter by the front door with a white flowering annual in it (I think it is lobelia), and 2 lavender planters on our deck.  I’m very happy with my decision.  Much happier than I have been in the past with planting a full sized garden.

Garden 2012 Old House
Garden 2012

I can’t be certain that I’ll be done with gardens forever.  I just know that right now having a garden is not a good fit for me.  I have other things I want to focus my attention on besides pulling out weeds!

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  1. We didn't do a garden this year either! We have just been visiting the farmer's market more frequently and that is okay with me!

    1. I hope to get to the farmer's market more frequently too, their produce is always way better than I could ever grow anyway! Thanks :)


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