Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Poor Lavender…

Dead Lavender Blooms from
This summer, I took a few weeks to spend some time with family.  We visited family on my side, my husband’s side of the family and friends.  We were also able to do some camping in our camper trailer at the same time.  Summer went by so quickly!

Of course, in the meantime things get neglected around our house when we are gone.  The grass in the backyard turned into a jungle.  Weeds over took our grey rock area around the fire pit in the backyard.  My lavender planters are… DONE.

Lavender Finished Blooming for 2013 from

The poor things are done blooming.  Not sure if they are normally done blooming by now or if the lack of water sent them into early shock.  I gave them a watering and decided to give them a trim to clean them up a bit. 

Trimmed Lavender from
I didn’t even get to enjoy their great smell very much, I think I missed their prime fragrance timeframe.  Hopefully, the plants make it through the winter and I can try again next year.

Lavender Trimming from

I love vacations, but I don’t look forward to all the cleaning up and loads and loads of laundry after the trip…

MESS from

Our house looks like a bomb went off, YIPES.

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