Monday, October 28, 2013

Recovering a Footstool

Recovering a Footstool with Dropcloth from
I made this footstool in high school during shop class.  Yep, I used a lathe and everything, but don’t ask me to repeat the process.  I really don’t remember what I learned from that class or any class from high school for that matter!

I have wanted to recover this footstool for a while now as it doesn't really match anything.  Originally, I covered the cushion in a light green fabric.

Footstool before from
I decided to give recovering with canvas drop cloth a try. I turned the footstool over and cut a piece of drop cloth to cover.  After making sure it fit, I quickly made a seam on the edge to prevent fraying.

Cut dropcloth to fit from
Using a staple gun I secured the drop cloth to the bottom of the footstool.

Staple gun from
Now, I know this doesn't look pretty but who really sees the bottom side anyway?

Staple to bottom of footstool from
Just pull the fabric and staple when smooth.  I find it works better to place a staple in the middle and work your way out to the edges with your staple gun.

Bottom of footstool after from
And now the finished top…

Top of footstool after from
Quick and cheap fix.  If I want to change the fabric, it will be easy just to take out the staples and repeat the process with a new patterned fabric.

Footstool After from
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