Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Drop Cloth Tack Board

When we got our new office furniture a while ago, I wasn’t happy with the tack board that came with it.  The tack board was to be installed underneath the upper shelving, but I hated the pattern on the fabric covering the tack board.  I decided I needed to do something about it.

Office Before

Tack Board before

I cut a piece of canvas drop cloth to cover the tack board with a couple inches extra on the sides to fold over.

9 x 12 Canvas Drop Cloth

Cut Dropcloth

Hot Glue Gun

Using my hot glue gun I folded over the fabric and glued it on the back of the tack board.

Glue down cloth

Make relief cuts in cloth

I found it easier to make relief cuts in the corner because the canvas cloth is so bulky to work with.

Make relief cuts in cloth and glue down

Then I continued until all the sides were glued down.

Back glued down

Next, I stuck on strips of Velcro which would secure it to the office furniture.  And with Velcro, I would be able to take the tack board down in case I ever want to recover it again.

velcro back of tackboard in 6 places

Drop Cloth Tack Board

Office Tackboard After

Office Tackboard After 2

Much better than that crazy patterned fabric.  Since the office furniture is a dark black/brown color, the light colored drop cloth brightens it up a little.  Check out another project I completed using drop cloth.

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  1. What a transformation! This looks great! I love how it gives a better contrast.


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