Monday, February 24, 2014

Inspiration Corkboard

We’ve had this plain cork board for years, and I always wanted to update it somehow.  A couple years ago, I bought some fabric which I originally wanted to use to cover the cork but I just couldn’t work out how to make it look polished and put together in my head, so I just avoided the project.  I ended up using the fabric to update our china cabinet instead.

Our cork board looked very plain and was covered in holes from push pins before I started.  I knew I wanted to paint the outside wood trim, so I covered the cork with white letter size paper.  Where I could, I tried to tuck the paper under the wood trim so the paint wouldn’t get on the cork in case I wanted to reuse this cork board in the future.

Painting Corkboard
I used some leftover white paint and painted the wood trim with a brush.

Painted Frame for Corkboard
After I finished painting and let it dry, the paint had sealed the white paper to the edges of the trim.  Not my intent, but this ended up being a good thing.  I left the white paper covering the cork board and then I used double stick tape on the white paper to adhere some patterned white gift wrap.

Corkboard After
The white paper underneath the gift wrap worked perfectly to hide any gaps the gift wrap had to the edge of the trim.

Corkboard After closeup
To save the gift wrap from being covered in holes from the push pins, I stuck some clear push pins near the edges of the trim and used some light colored cord strung in between the push pins.  I had some left over IKEA curtain clips from another project that I hung on the cord.  This way I could hang items on the board and rearrange them without having to create new holes in the gift wrap.

Corkboard After in Studio
My new inspiration cork board now hangs in my studio so I can hang up some fabric and other items for my inspiration.  I now just need to hunt for some quotes and find some other things to complete the board.

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  1. Love this idea! I am going to try this for the new designs that I have been carrying around in my head.

  2. Smart idea! Simple but classy. I love it!


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