Friday, March 14, 2014

New Dining Room Chairs!

They’re here!  Our new dining room chairs, that is.  I ordered them from Restoration Hardware.  I was a little concerned.  Wednesday, I received 5 out of the 6 chairs, so I was a little concerned that the last chair may have gotten lost.  But it arrived yesterday!  YAY! 

New Dining Room Chairs -

I’m so glad to see the old chairs leave (I threw them into the covered deck for now), and I’m happy to see the new replacements.  I waited until this morning for natural light to take some photos. 

Remy and Marcel Chairs from Restoration Hardware

Next on the list of “to do’s” for this dining space… window blinds.  I’m hoping to make my own or use some inspiration from Pinterest to create some new window treatments for the dining room.  I am thinking I will do a practice run on the window in the spare bedroom downstairs first, to see if I like the end result.  I’ll let you know how the project goes.

Do you make your own blinds and window coverings, or do you purchase them? 

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  1. They look fantastic, Sandra! We really need new chairs and I must make time to find some! Generally I make my own window treatments, but they can be time consuming. I think drapes would really warm up your space.

    1. Thanks Shauna! I know I really need something to soften the space, I think fabric is the perfect solution. I agree that making window treatments are time consuming. I think that is why I've been putting off the project, lol! But now that the chairs are here, I think I need to make a decision and get working on the solution.

  2. These are beautiful. Such a transformation. The room looks fabulous and I'm excited to see the continued progress. I have done both - purchased and sewn window treatments. Just depends on the window type. Ikea is a good option for curtains and you can hem them to any length.

  3. Thanks Morgan. I appreciate the Ikea tip!

  4. Those are fantastic chairs!! Such a design classic, and they pair perfectly with the table.


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