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Saturday, July 20, 2013

IKEA Chaos

We decided to get a new sectional from IKEA to furnish the living room on the main level of our house.  Our old sofa and love seat which were in the living room of our old house, found a new home in our bonus room above the garage.
IKEA Chaos 6
I wanted something modern for our new space.  Originally, I wanted this Karlstad set in Blekinge White.

IKEA Chaos 1
I somehow convinced my husband to join me for a shopping trip to IKEA.  Not his favorite place to be.  So, I was really excited when he also showed interest in the Karlstad sofa, love seat, and chaise set that I loved.

I wanted the white slipcover because I thought it would be easy to take off and wash or replace if necessary.  I’m so glad my husband convinced me to choose the Isunda Grey slipcovers.  Good and bad, they will hide the dirt better than the white covers.  I like things clean, and I’m happy with the grey.  The white probably would have drove me insane, trying to keep it clean.  The slipcovers were time consuming to put on, so I could not imagine trying to take the white slipcovers off to wash them weekly or even monthly, and then put them back on the furniture.

One drawback is the Isunda Grey slipcovers are dry clean only.  But if I decide they are getting too gross even after dry cleaning or I get tired of them, I can always get new slipcovers from IKEA.  One of the perks of IKEA furniture.

IKEA Chaos 2
I love our new Strandmon wingback chair and footstool in Svanby grey.  This chair is my most favorite new piece of furniture in the whole house.  Best part… the only thing to assemble was to put on the feet.

IKEA Chaos 4
We got a Liatorp sofa and coffee table.

Warning:  Glass Breaks.  So… putting it together, please be more careful than we were.  We had the sofa table nearly completed and just the top piece with the glass needed to be attached.  Don’t flip the glass insert piece over, especially not onto a tile floor.  Glass breaks if it hits a hard surface.  Definitely don’t break the glass near stairs.  You will have to clean up broken glass on the main level, the stairs and the lower level.  Glass flies a long way and takes hours to clean up.  Just thought I’d tell you so you can hopefully avoid our mistake.  IKEA’s instructions tell you to also be careful, you just need to READ the instructions and the warning attached to the glass ;)

IKEA Chaos 5

IKEA Chaos Completed
I’m really liking our new living room.  Even if my plants need to sit inside the sofa table until we get a new piece of glass for the top.

IKEA Chaos Completed
Overall, it was well worth the crowds at IKEA and all the furniture assembly.

I'm still working on accessorizing and decorating.  And I still need to make pillow covers for some throw pillows for our new sectional.  First, I need to find some fabric that has colors I'm looking for in modern and fresh prints.  Easier said, than done in Canada!  Especially hard to find good fabric when I want to avoid steep shipping fees and long wait times due to customs.

As Always,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Store for Online Shopping...

#1) Old Navy / The Gap / Banana Republic (

Old Navy is one of my favourite stores to shop at.  I have subscribed to Old Navy’s email newsletter so I get the scoop on their weekly sales and deals.  Old Navy is great for purchasing kid’s clothes. They are very reasonably priced.  With shopping the sales and clearance pages, you can save your family a lot of money.

You can add items to your cart from all 3 stores: Old Navy, The Gap and Banana Republic.  Which is great, and saves time since you don’t have to make 3 different orders if you shop at the 3 stores.

I find shopping for clothes in stores while looking after children can be exhausting.  And good luck trying to get my kids to try on an item of clothing in a store to see if it fits!  So I may as well have been shopping at home!  So, shopping online from home is the best solution for me, and I get to enjoy a cup of coffee while I shop. - Old Navy Adjustable Waist Kid's Jeans

One of my favourite articles of clothing are the Old Navy kid’s pants and jeans. Most of the pants have adjustable waistbands using an elastic waistband and button.  Which works wonderfully to fit the pants to the child’s waist and they can be adjusted as the child grows.

Old Navy - Dark-Wash Bootcut Jeans for Baby

I’ve bought from Old Navy since the birth of our first son. Which makes shopping a little easier because I know what size my kids are using Old Navy sizes. Occasionally, I purchase something that is the incorrect size and they have a VERY good return program.  I have not had a issue with Old Navy so far!  Just put the item in a box, follow their return instructions, attach the provided shipping label, and take it to the post office.  Done, no fees or shipping costs to worry about.

I usually stock up on some essential clothes in the next size up when they are on sale (eg. t-shirts, jeans).  This worked well with my oldest boy this fall as he seemed to grow overnight.  One day his pants fit, and the next they were flood pants.  Luckily I had a few jeans and t-shirts stored and ready to use. Poor guy!

In case you missed it, here are the rest of my top 5 picks for online store shopping.

As Always,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping Online to Save Time

Since I live in Alberta, sometimes it is hard to find stores to ship to Canada.  If the stores ship to Canada, it is usually for a steep price.  But more and more, I’ve noticed stores are making an effort to reduce shipping costs to Canada. 

I have 2 little boys under 4 years and I find it hard to shop in stores sometimes with them.  I save time shopping online so it makes sense to shop from home. 

Counting down… Here are my top 5 retailers I LOVE to shop online at:

#5) Please Mum (

I love Please Mum’s winter coats and ski pants. They are warm and stand up well to lots of use. They are the best winter clothes I have found for Canadian winters for kids.

Please Mum - blocked deepwinter parka - geometric print

This was my first year buying online from Please Mum, usually I buy in store. I decided to give it a try online. I waited for a 30% off sale, and a Buy One Get One 50% off sale. That way, I was able to buy a coat and ski pants at 30% off. I also got 2 hats and 2 pair of mitts 30% off, and using the Buy One Get One 50% off sale. I can never buy enough hats and mitts. It works out well to have multiples on hand in case they get wet from playing in the snow or get lost.

Shipping is usually free with orders over $50.  If you are able to wait, you can usually get the winter coats and accessories for at least 30% off.

#4) Walmart (

Sadly, does not offer many of their products online. But they do offer many baby items in their online store.

Pampers Cruisers Econo Pack Plus

I use to purchase diapers. Reasonably priced and with free shipping I can purchase diapers for a decent price. Currently, a box of 160 Size 4 Pampers Cruisers costs $36.83 ($0.23 per diaper). I have seen a box of 160 for $33.88 ($0.21 per diaper).

Buying diapers online saves room in my shopping cart to grab other items when we are out shopping.  I have limited room once I stick my two kids in the cart, let alone room for huge boxes of diapers!

#3) Keurig (

With a Club Keurig discount you can get 10 – 15% off prices at  To get the discount all you need to do is register.  You can also get one FREE 5-count K-Cup sample for every 6 K-Cup pack boxes you purchase.

When you register your brewer you are eligible to receive an offer for 2 free K-Cup (22, 24, 25 count) boxes with the purchase of 2 boxes.

Here are a few of my favourite coffees:

Van Houtte - Colombian Medium Coffee

Van Houtte - Mexico Coffee

#2) (

Good for all your random purchases to prevent you from having to make trips to multiple stores with kids. I find it exhausting having to get the kids out of their car seats and into the store, pick up one item, only to put them back in their car seats in a few minutes. I also save on fuel money because I get the items shipped to me and I don’t have to drive all around the city to find them. does offer free shipping on qualifying orders in Canada. They also offer a “Baby Club” and you are eligible for preferred pricing on products.

Here are a couple of my favourite buys from (both products work well for my son who has sensitive skin and is prone to rashes and skin irritation): - Green Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes - Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes

Check back tomorrow for my number 1 pick for online shopping stores.  Just in time to get prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

What are your favourite stores to shop at online?

As Always,