Friday, March 9, 2012

Hallway Closets Part 2

I've started tackling the first hallway closet.  Now, on to organizing the 2nd closet.  Get prepared, this is not pretty!  Here are the before pictures...

Definitely not pretty!  This closet houses all of our cleaners, soaps, mops, etc.  Usually, I label every container with masking tape and a sharpie.  Not pleasing to the eye, but it was getting the job done.  

After evaluating this closet, I have discovered I'm a collector of cleaners!  No one needs this many different cleaners!  I have cleaners for the vehicle, shoes, floor polish, glass, bathrooms, and the list goes on.  My goal for the next 6 months is to use up what I have and stop purchasing more products and adding to the madness!  Most of the cleaners are categorized by type and housed in cardboard boxes. 

I live on an acreage and usually keep on hand items my family will use in the next few months.  I don't have a store right down the street to pick up items readily.  I shop sales and stock up on items if they are a good price and purchase what we will use up before the expiry dates on the product.  In the end, these products have a home in my closets for a few months till they are used.

In the closet, one of the wicker baskets held batteries and the other held miscellaneous items like picture hanging supplies, small screw driver set, super glue (all the weird random stuff that a junk drawer collects and I use about 1 time a year). 

The Rubbermaid tubs held personal care products like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact solution, body wash and soap for the boys.  One of the tubs holds sheets for covering vegetables up in the garden in case of frost.  The diaper boxes hold air freshners, candles and miscellaneous items.

Here is the after...

Using more of the Real Canadian Superstore (RCSS) baskets, I was able to corral many of the items and reduce the clutter.  On the very top shelf, I used 3 baskets to hold extra cleaners, hand soap, and Lysol wipes.

The cardboard boxes holding the cleaners got a facelift with pretty paper on the front.  I'm hoping to get rid of some of these boxes once the cleaners are downsized in a few months.  But I had to do something to spruce them up a bit in the mean time.

The battery basket got a new label attached with a simple green ribbon...much better!  

Here are the before and after pics again for a comparison...



Much easier to find things.  I'm so happy to get rid of the old diaper boxes!  In a few months, this closet will look even better once I use up cleaners and make simpler cleaning solutions.  But so far this change is so much better!

Does anyone else "collect" cleaners??  (I know it is hard to admit!)


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