Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm lucky to have generous in-laws who gave my husband and I hand-me-down clothes for our two boys.  My youngest son is now 1 year, so I've decided it is time to start getting a handle on the mounds of clothing in the boys' rooms and our basement storage room.  Along with the boy clothes, I received lots of girl clothing from my sister in-law.  She gave us hand-me-downs before we found out we were having our 2nd boy. 

I had packed all the girl clothing I received from her into vacuum bags to save space.  I stacked the bags one on top of each other in the storage room under the stairway.

I brought all the bags out to sort and I was amazed to see just how much clothes we had tucked away in there!  Not to mention, the Rubbermaid tubs full of clothes in the boys' closets.  YIPES! 

Here is my plan:

1. Separate "my" clothes from hand-me-downs.  I will be giving the hand-me-downs back to my sister in-law so she can give it to another family member.  I hope to be selling "my" clothes in a garage sale or baby sale later this year or we will be passing them on to our friends.

2. Organize clothes by size and type (eg. 6 month sleepers).

3. Bag up the clothes for my sister in-law to take on the weekend.  

4. Vacuum seal and store "my" clothes for a few months until ready to sell.

My sister in-law visited on the weekend and we were able to cram all the bagged clothes in to her vehicle to take away.  I'll admit it was hard to see the tiny baby clothing leave, but great to have more space.  Also, GREAT to know the clothes will be helping out another family!  

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