Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Labels

This spring, I will be putting in a garden.  In previous years, I have used scrap pieces of wood or whatever was handy at the time to label the plants in the garden.  Not very pretty!  

One year, I got a little creative.  I labelled a recipe card with a name of garden plant using a Sharpie.  I then inserted the card into a Ziploc bag and stapled the bags to wooden stakes.  I thought I was protecting the recipe cards from moisture by placing them in the Ziploc bags but stapling them to the stake made enough of a hole for the moisture to find a way in and ruin the labels.  Some of the bags made it though the season but many ripped off in the wind.

So this year I'm trying a new idea...

I've already bought my seeds for spring.  You can see my seed organizer idea here.  Since I knew the names of the plants, I used excel to make some labels.  I used the same process for the hallway labels.  After printing the labels, I cut each label out and placed them in the laminator sheet.  Next, I ran the sheets through my laminator.  Cutting out each label after laminating, I made sure to keep the seal around the outside.  Hopefully no moisture will get through this time!  

I bough some little white plastic garden stakes from Home Depot and used some heavy duty double sided tape to stick the laminated labels on the stakes.  Soon I'll see if the tape will hold up to the elements.  Fingers crossed!

The picture above has a pair of scissors in it for a size comparison.  The stakes are small and will be low to the ground, so hopefully the wind won't rip the labels off the stakes.

I'll let you know how these garden stakes hold up this year!  (Click here for an update!)  What do you use to label your garden?


  1. Thanks Cristin! I appreciate your comment and it means a lot since I'm checking out your blog this morning and I love your taste!


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