Friday, May 25, 2012

What Is Your Favorite Room to Organize?

Such a hard question!  I have given this a lot of thought and my answer is... the Kitchen!  I spend lots of time in this area of the house, so naturally my mind is always thinking of new organizing solutions for this room.  I drive my family crazy with my constant moving of things around to maximize space.

I'd like to know what is your favorite room to organize in your house!  You can vote for your favorite on the right sidebar.

Feel free to leave me some comments in this post on your favorite rooms! 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinterest....I'm Addicted!

For the last few days, I can't seem to leave Pinterest alone.  Every time I pass by my computer, which is located on the kitchen table, I find myself gravitating over to pin something!  Does anyone else have this same addiction?!

I love all the inspiration that is so easy to tag (pin) and find your way back to easily later.  So far, I have categorized my boards by each room of the house.  Right now, this system is working great, especially for finding a pin later.  How do you organize your boards on Pinterest??

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hiding my Garbage!

I hate looking at garbage!  I was tired of looking at the garbage can in my kitchen.  My garbage can was located at the end of the cupboard in the kitchen (bottom left in picture below).  It was the most convenient place for it, and really the only place for it in our kitchen.


In the pic above, the brown garbage can closed off the hallway connecting the kitchen to our front entrance.  Plus, I hated seeing the garbage bag sticking out the top.  We needed a new solution!

I emptied the cupboard in between the dishwasher and the fridge in preparation of installing the new garbage can.  My husband did the install, but it was super easy, with just a few screws.

I found this pull out garbage can at Bed, Bath & Beyond made by SimpleHuman.  It has a huge bucket that fits more than my previous one because it is square.  The bags I bought from Costco for my old garbage can fit this one nicely!  Which is great because I still had a full box of bags to use up.

I also like the fact that the garbage is now right near the sink and dishwasher.  I can now easily scrape off plates in the garbage and they go straight in the dishwasher.  No need to take a few steps across the kitchen anymore.


What I love the most is the garbage is hidden.  I don't have to look at it any longer!!!  What are your garbage solutions?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

China Cabinet Update

In the middle of painting the dining room, I got this bright idea to start a project.  For a few months now, I have been wanting to brighten up the back of my china cabinet.  Originally, I was thinking of using wallpaper but I did not know what I would do with the rest of the roll of wallpaper after this project was complete.  

Instead of my wallpaper idea, I brightened up my china cabinet using some fabric. 

I had purchased this fabric originally to cover a cork board I was going to use for meal planning.  In the end, I used this solution for meal planning instead.

The fabric has a simple pattern and is made of cotton.  First, I ironed the fabric to get the major wrinkles out.  The fabric was a lot easier to handle and work with after ironing.

I started by taking everything out of the china cabinet including the glass shelves.  

Since this was a spur of the moment idea.  No fancy backing here!  After measuring the back of the cabinet, I cut cereal boxes to fit the cabinet and held the boxes together with packing tape.  Next, I stretched the fabric over the cereal boxes.  Again, nothing fancy, I used packing tape and masking tape on the back to hold the fabric in place.  No one will ever see this side (except for you!) 

I placed the fabric boards in the back and positioned the glass shelves in place.  I wanted to brighten up the cabinet but I did not want to attach or alter the cabinet permanently.  Therefore, these fabric boards stand alone and the glass shelves keep them in place.  The fabric boards can easily have the fabric replaced to match a new decor.  




This project is a small change, but nevertheless it helps to brighten up the dining room.  What are your small projects you have done to brighten a space?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meal Planning Chalkboard

Meal planning is one of my goals for the year.  I think meal planning has been a goal I've set for the last 5 years and I've never followed through on!  Why, you might ask?  Good question!  I know the benefits and I know how much how much time meal planning saves.  I think I'm worried about making the "PERFECT System".  Since I've never followed through with my good intentions of setting up a meal planning calendar yet, I've decided to take meal planning slow with baby steps using this solution...

In the beginning of my planning stages of meal planning board, I was going to make a cork board covered in fabric where I could pin our meal choices for each day of the week.  That project turned into using a cookie sheet to use magnets for attaching meal choices for each day of the week.  That project soon turned into painting the cookie sheet with chalkboard paint instead and we could write our meal choices on it.  The chalkboard idea came from Jen's post at iHeartOrganizing.  Ever since reading this post, I've wanted to try something with chalkboard paint.  

I knew I just needed to make a decision and stick with it!  Who cares if it is not "PERFECT"!

After realizing the largest cookie sheet I could find was still too small to write a week's worth of meals on, I decided a serving tray might work better.  First, I purchased this serving tray from IKEA.

Instead of running out to purchase new paint, I just used the previously purchased Tremclad white paint (I originally purchased the Tremclad paint for the cookie sheet idea).

I painted the whole serving tray in the Tremclad paint.  The unpainted flat bottom surface of the IKEA serving tray was shiny so I thought the Tremclad would make a good undercoat for the chalkboard paint to adhere to.  After 2 coats of Tremclad (I waited 48 hours between coats), I then painted the bottom with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  

I plan to use a chalk chuck to hold the chalk to make the chalk less messier to hold and to cut down on the dust.  Plus, I remember these things from school and how fun it was when your turn came to use the teacher's chalk chuck!  And it's also just fun to say - Chalk Chuck!

I'm still waiting for the paint to fully cure before I adhere the 3M picture hanging strips.  It says to wait 28 days after painting!  This time I'm going to follow the instructions.  I hung some pictures after about 10 days of painting in the downstairs office.  Two days later all my pictures were lying on the floor after falling from the wall.  I'm not risking it this time!  

So in the meantime, I rigged up a temporary solution using picture hangers and wire hanging from a big 3M hook.  Not very pretty or sturdy or a long term solution so I'm counting down the days till I can use the 3M picture strips!

I've hung the chalk board on the side of the pantry and so far it works great!  Maybe now I can take the next step and rid myself of my menu planning calendar fears!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Dining Room and Kitchen Paint Upgrade Complete!

I chose a color for the kitchen and dining room and completed the painting finally!  I chose Ozone from Behr in a Satin finish...

A few years ago, we did other renovations to the kitchen and dining room.  Check out how these rooms used to look when we moved in.


Above is a before photo of our kitchen.  I wanted to brighten up the space and make it a little more modern and fresh.


Before the accents in the room were red and the linens were a light brown.  Now the accessories are blue and white, and white linens.  

Originally, I was worried our cabinets would look orange next to the blue, but instead the blue brings out their true color, burgundy.  I like how the new blue paint makes the white in the room Pop!  Our white appliances finally look like they belong in the space. 



I relocated our huge plant that was on the right side of the fridge to the living room.  The poor thing was outgrowing the space and the pointy leaves would poke you in the eye when you walked past.  We relocated our water cooler to fill this space instead.




Our IKEA pictures stayed in the same spot.  Since, they are on the wall behind the table they used to get bumped and would rub on the wall leaving a silver mark.  To fix this problem, I stuck down the two bottom corners of each picture with sticky tack to the wall.  This will hopefully prevent the pictures from leaving marks and will keep them straight!

This wall still seems a little bright and overpowering at times.  I think it is because it was such a neutral space for so long.  I'm still debating whether or not to repaint this one wall that has the IKEA pictures to more of a gray color instead to tone it down a bit.



A few months ago, we also got a new stove.  I love our new stove, so much easier to clean!  Not to mention how much it brightens up the space and updates it.  

I'm very happy with how the completed space looks.  So much more fresh and clean!  Stay tuned for more projects including a menu chalkboard, china cabinet update, and garbage solution I completed to update this space!


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