Monday, October 21, 2013

Sprucing Up Register Covers

I’m sure many homes have this same problem…

Dirty and rusty register covers.  We have a forced air system to heat and cool our house.  As a result, we have register covers in all of the rooms in the upper levels.  After a while, register covers get dirty and can even start to rust.  The register cover in our main bathroom was looking pretty gross with rust.

Register Cover before from

Register Cover Underside Before from
Here is what you can do to make your register covers look better without spending lots of cash to replace them.  Give spray paint a try.  I used Rustoleum Semi-Gloss in White (costs about $10 for a large bottle, which would be enough to cover multiple register covers).

First, wipe the covers clean with a wet paper towel or rag.  You don’t need to clean them super well, try to get most of the dust off if nothing else.  Make sure the register covers are completely dry before you start spray painting.

I took my register covers outside on a large piece of cardboard (a flattened diaper box actually).  I also wear gloves so I don’t get spray paint all over my hands.  I’m a pretty messy painter!

Start by turning over the register cover so the underside is facing up.  Give it a few quick light coats of spray paint to avoid runs.  My cover was pretty rusty so I made sure to coat it well.  Let it dry.  I brought my cardboard with the register covers into the garage for the night.

The next day, I took them outside again and turned them over and spray painted the other side (the side you normally see).  I coated mine well with light coats to avoid drips and runs.  Again, I brought them in the garage to dry for the night.  Depending on your climate, the covers may dry faster or slower.  If they are tacky to the touch, give them more time before turning them over to finish painting.

Register Cover After Spray Painting from
This register cover is for our bathroom but I gave it a try in our dining room to see the difference once the register cover is in the floor. Since our bathroom does not have any natural light, pictures hard to take in there, so I decided to show you how it looks in the dining room instead.

Here is the Before…

Register Cover in Floor Before from
And the After…

Register Cover in Floor After
So much cleaner.  Do you have any quick ideas for spray paint to save money and give something a new clean look?

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